I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your erasable memo pad and pen! I can’t wait to put it to full use in September in my classroom. - Kristine
To the super creative persons that this may concern, I came across one of your slickerase silicone notepads when I was shopping for school supplies this week. This product PERFECTLY fits my needs and is so cool!!! - Lara
I didn’t want to say it at first. . . . but I sit in an office of 200 people. A number of people have come up to me asking about my calendar. I have been putting good word of mouth out for it. Cool product. - Patrick
Clip Watch. I just love the clips, frees me from having to wear a watch. - Theresa
Clip watches – I work in a child care center and I bought 2 and gave one to another teacher . . . all the teachers now want them. - Carla
I fell in love with the concept of your calendar . . . it is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been everywhere . . . to try to find one of these magnificent products. - Renee
I work in higher education and purchase a 17 X 14 one for my student employees; and now wish I would have kept if for my desk. This way they can doodle until their hearts content and then just erase it. - Paula
I have been searching everywhere for your slickerase erasable silicone notepads to use in my classroom. I am trying to turn my 5th grade classroom into a paperless room and dry erase markers are too expensive. I have one of your note pads and want more! - Kumar
Hello! I work at a rehabilitation center which has a special needs unit. One of the patients on that units looks for me every day to hold my clip watch... - Macy


Mini Stylus Pens
Pop Out Ice Cube Tray
Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags
Reusable Ice Packs
On the Go
Snack in the Box
Drink in the Box
Clip Watch
Tote Packs
Glasses to Go
Glasses to Go
Refillable Travel Bottles
Strapz Team Spirit
Strapz Team Spirit
Mini Stylus Pen
SlickErase Magnetic

Our Team

Group-with-Barn-Wood-750We are experts in product development and consumer marketing who search the globe for cool stuff. Our specialty is in global sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, sales and distribution, and retail and wholesale operations. We leverage strong relationships with manufacturers in multiple countries who supply product to the North American market.

So~Mine products are featured by many major North American retailers. We like to provide consumers with creatively designed, high quality products at affordable prices. Check back often since we are constantly developing and launching cool new stuff.

About Us

Why So~Mine?
Our mission is to offer unique, quality, innovative products at value prices.

How do we do this?
First, we talk to retailers and consumers. We look for cool products that we would buy and use ourselves…..products that our kids would buy and use…..products that provide added value…..“why didn’t I think of that” products. Our initial focus is silicone based products because silicone is “cool”. In addition to unique manufacturing properties and applications, it just feels good. It takes color easily. It’s easily moldable. It’s flexible. It doesn’t break. It cleans easily.

Unique + fashion + mass appeal + quality + function + value = So~Mine

Unique: evolutionary, next generation products
Fashion: trend right product available at the peak of consumer demand
Mass appeal: understandable with broad acceptance
Function: utility products with a twist
Value: the best prices for products made with the best materials

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