A Day in the Great Outdoors

What could be better than a day at the office doing what we love? Spending the day OUT of the office doing more of what we love! Although we are all always on the go, we took time out to spend the day at Hidden Lake Farms, and it couldn’t have been a better time.

120+ acre family-owned farm in beautiful Canton, Georgia.
Rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

It felt good to get out from behind a computer, stretch our legs and soak in the sun. Here we catch a glimpse of horses roaming the open pastures.

In addition to horses, the farm is home to camel, donkey, llamas, chickens, rabbits and more. We enjoyed getting up-close and personal with many of the animals, like this camel. Isabelle is retired from the circus, so she loves being the center of attention, even though she looks indifferent.

Of course, we were partial to the llamas. No question these towering animals with their long lashes and permanent smiles are true beauties.

We took the opportunity to get their opinion of our newest collection of designs featuring their likeness. Do they realize they have become an international trend? Their regal confidence and down-right indifference says “yes”.

We couldn’t help but notice their shift in attitude when given the chance to pose with the so-mine team. Although we could sense they felt out of place without their own “Jane of all trades” t-shirts, they hardly deserved one. After all, we are strong, professional women, wives, mothers, daughters, leaders and problem-solvers, and they are, in-fact, just llamas. (no offense)

We take a break from this exhausting not-working (for some of us…), to snack on veggies, thoughtfully packed (by one of us…) in our convenient 3-in-1 snack containers. The separate compartments kept our veggies crisp and we could each choose from our favorite dip(s).

Another shameless photo op. No further description needed!

And finally, time to eat. A little healthy to go with our active day, all served up in our reusable lunch ware, perfect for lunch on-the-go. Don’t worry mother earth, we got you.

Turkey lettuce wraps, chicken salad with jalapeƱos, fresh veggies and oatmeal cookies.
Kabobs featuring fresh mozzarella, olives, radishes, fresh basil and cornichons.
A medley of fresh fruit with yogurt

Seeing a mother with her new foal was the perfect end to the perfect day. Nature is amazing and we all grateful for what she has to offer.