Our Philosophy

We love developing and selling products. Yes, we really do.

love what you do
  • Everything we make can be used in the home, work or school.
    We know, that’s almost everywhere, clever, right?
  • Our products are perfect for people that are on-the-go.
    But people who just sit-around can use them too.
  • We only develop products that we think are practical; providing a solution
    for every day needs.
    If you don’t agree, please don’t tell us.
  • Although our products are fashion-forward, they are always an exceptional value.
    Please note, we will never joke about value.

Our process:

  • We spend quality time trend-shopping and keeping up with the latest colors.
    Who are we kidding, we love to shop. Who doesn’t?
  • Some of us, (no names mentioned,)make quarterly buy trips
    in both the states and overseas.
  • Our talented, in-house design team feeds from current trends in all categories.
    Note, our talented team also wrote this themselves.
  • The entire team contributes by following developing trends, participating
    ( or pretending to participate) weekly with “what’s new Wednesday” and “fun Friday.”
  • We collaborate with each other as well as with our retail partners.
    Some of us collaborate better, (again, no names mentioned.)
  • Our retail partners rely on us to provide category direction and gap analysis.
    Sometimes they don’t ask, but we provide it anyway.
  • We’re a small, close-knit* team that works efficiently, bringing product to market quickly.
    *close-knit means we don’t all get our own offices. Who do we need to talk to about this?
  • Our global sourcing team provides quality assurance while maintaining value.
    Nothing funny to say here, it is no laughing matter.
  • We only partner with responsible manufacturers.
    Again, this is a serious matter.