Meal Prep Made Easy

Meal prep is all the rage, and our new easy pop-out cube tray pulls double duty. Buy now on Amazon

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Homemade soup is much healthier than canned, but who has the time? You can make time, by prepping ahead.

Spend a little time chopping fresh carrots and celery. Store the chopped veggies in a pop-out cube tray and keep on-hand in the freezer.

The 2″ cube holds up to 1/2 cup, so fill accordingly. Next time you want to make a quick pot of soup, you can simply pull out the tray from the freezer and add a cube or two into your broth.

Photo by Cook Eat from Pexels

And, once you’ve enjoyed a bowl of homemade, healthy soup, you can freeze any leftover in a pop out cube tray for another meal on another day.

Simply pop out 1 or 2 frozen cubes and microwave or heat on the stovetop. You’ve got a quick cup or bowl of soup next time you are strapped for time.