Meet our Founder and CEO

Successful entrepreneur, business woman, wife and mother of two. 

with her horse Sierra

Shannon Blake started so-mine in 2010 with the goal of providing busy moms with smart, on-the-go products. 

While running a company, traveling the globe and juggling family commitments, Shannon is constantly dreaming up new product ideas to simplify life’s challenges.  

She eats healthy and stays in shape, insisting the same for her family.  Attempting to provide them with healthy lunch solutions, she discovered a lack of eco-friendly lunch products that can be reused or recycled after use. 

Now almost 10 years later, so-mine has made big strides with a new product launch of children’s lunch products at Target and other large retail outlets.   

Any working woman knows that you need to be a Jack (or in this case Jane) of all trades.  We pride ourselves on being able to do it all.  At so-mine, we are women designing products for women – creating great quality products, with the latest trends, at affordable prices.