Who wants Jello?

For those who remember mom proudly displaying her perfect jello mold at the holiday picnic, here is the busy women’s version. Featuring our pop-out cube tray, it’s still bound to bring a few “OOHs” and “AAHs”.

Our mold has fresh strawberries and pineapple tidbits, uses strawberry jello and is finished with a cream cheese/sour cream topping (or base once it is popped out).


  1. Add pineapple tidbits and fresh strawberries to the bottom of a pop-out cube tray
  2. Prepare small box of strawberry jello per instructions
  3. Pour jello liquid over fruit. Fill cubes just over 3/4s full, leaving room at top for final layer
  4. Cover tray and refrigerate for a few hours until set
  5. Once set, blend 3 oz. of cream cheese with 1/4 cup sour cream until smooth
  6. Using spoon OR pastry bag, fill remaining of cubes with cream cheese mixture
  7. Cover tray and refrigerate again for at least an hour
  8. When ready to serve, simply pop out cube onto serving platter or individual plates

Top with whipped cream and garnish if desired! You have perfectly portioned jello molds.